A-11 Type 44 White

Sale price$555.00
Size: 32mm
Strap: Dark Brown Leather

A-11 Type 44

1944 Authenticity - 21st Century Specs

The A-11 Type 44

An incredibly authentic 1940’s revival

If you're looking for an A-11 that you can actually wear without risk & that truly incarnates the incredible American ingenuity & bravery of the men behind the originals, the A-11 Type 44 is for you. Seeped in American history, you can choose from the ultra authentic 32mm to the more modern 38mm. Featuring a 1940s style Bonklip Bracelet, the Type 44 truly is a 1940s revival ready for the 21st Century.

Just like they used to make them

A 1944 A-11 Closely Re-edited

We've gotten as close as we could to the original 1944 Waltham we purchased as a benchmark. You'll notice that our Type 44 or the vintage Waltham does not have a second hand counter-balance. A-11s originally did but ours had its own broken off during its lifetime. A mark of its age, we decided to keep that lack of counter-weight for absolute authenticity.




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