Our Process

At Praesidus Watch Co. we are always keen on collaborating with military units & associations of all sizes to create a customized watch that tells a story. If you’re interested in checking out the work we’ve done in the past with units or, if you want to look into creating your own design - this is the place.

Step 1. Collaboration Briefing
At the genesis of any of our collaborations - we start by receiving a clear design brief from you that is passed on to our in house designer. We only allow customization on the dial & caseback. Straps can be swapped between our existing collection of straps (available on our accessories page).

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Step 2. First Contact
Once we receive your initial brief, we’ll contact you via email to confirm details & clarify your briefing

Step 3. Design
With your briefing confirmed, our designer will draw up a first drawing. From there we can adjust the drawing until you’re satisfied with it.

Step 4. Sample
Once we’ve landed on a digital design that works for you and that all details are confirmed; we’ll launch a first sample with the objective of sending it to you for complete approval & promotional purposes. This should take around 1.5 to 2 months.

Step 5. Pre-order opens
Once the sample is approved & you are ready to launch we’ll set up a passcode-locked page on our website where everyone involved in the project will get to purchase this Special Edition Design. It is then up to you to share the page & passcode to those concerned.

Step 6. Product Launch
Once everyone has placed their order and we’ve closed the pre-order we’ll start mass-production, assembly & quality control. This should take around 2 months.

Step 7. Delivery
We will pack & ship every watch directly to the address left by each customer during the pre-sale. Delivered via USPS or Fedex with a tracking number.

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