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- May 2019 -

THE A-11 Origin

A foundational piece, the A-11 Origin was an initial attempt to provide a well rounded affordable field watch that allowed us to reach new audiences. Equipped originally with a Swiss-Made Ronda quartz movement, the A-11 Origin came in a 40mm diameter and was the “affordable” little brother of our iconic A-11 Tom Rice.

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- April 2022 -

A-11 Combat

A test piece for us; the A-11 Combat paved the way to our A-11 Type 44. Coming in at a 32mm diameter, the A-11 Combat featured the original size of WW2-era A-11s. Coupled with a Ronda Quartz, the A-11 Combat showed us that there was a clear appetite in the community for a well rounded 32mm field watch; just like they used to make them in the 1940s.

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- June 2022 -

A-11 Marston Mat

This limited edition was the most ambitious project we had ever undertook at the time. Featuring a reworked piece of a D-Day Marston Mat, this watch solidified Praesidus as an authentic watch brand capable of producing truly unique watches. Equipped with a Swiss-made P024 movement; the Marston Mat also showed us that the community was ready to trust us with higher end watches and designs. The first 100 pieces sold-out in under 24 hours. The last 50 pieces came in end of January 2023 and sold-out early February. Truly a victim of its success; we’ll be making more unique pieces with a similar direction soon.

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- October 2022 -

Camo X The Rifle

The A-11 Camo stands out mainly thanks to its M1942 Frog Skin camouflage pattern. Artificially aged to look more “worn in”, the dial references the now iconic tactical camouflage adopted by the US Marine Corps during the Salomon Islands Campaign. The idea was to help the soldiers blend in better with the tropical foliage of the Pacific Islands. We’ve also used Swiss Superluminova on the indexes & hands to ensure high legibility in all conditions.

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- Novembre 2022 -

The A-2 Origin

The A-2 Origin came about when we met with USAF pilot Bud Anderson and he started talking about the watch he remembered using throughout the Korean War. We consulted with him on the design and produced the A-2 Origin. Leaning on the A-17 Mil Spec (the successor to the WW2 A-11 Spec) we’ve revamped the hands & cleaned the dial to the legibility that was required back then. With patina color indexes, the A-2 origin looks and feels like 1950s field watch.

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