Who We Are

We heard about his fascinating story personally through a mutual connection. With our own military and watch-making background, we couldn’t help but get into his idea of re-creating the watch that Tom lost and help him find it again. We sat down with Tom, and together we brought the A-11, our pioneer watch, back to life.

There are so many untold stories about courage, heroism, patriotism and resilience out there. Our mission is to tell these incredible stories, so they are never forgotten in the best way we know: through the creation of iconic, military timepieces. Through our watches, we aim to bring the spirit of our brave soldiers to the new generation of military history enthusiasts so they can keep telling these stories into the future.

Therefore, Praesidus commits to support our war veteran associations and communities by donating 5% of each sale to our partner organizations. If you want to learn more about our veteran association partnership program, you can contact us at contact@praesidus.com.

Praesidus is also owned by Pacific Concepts, Inc., a project management program that aims to help brands reach their full potential through digital marketing.

So, you don't only get a beautiful timepiece on your wrist. You also get to be part of this history.