Vince Speranza - Collector's Box Edition - NH35

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Incudes a Humidor Cigar Box

The Vince Speranza A-11 was designed in collaboration with Vince to create a watch that highlights his toughest challenge: The Battle of the Bulge. 

As a 101st Airborne Division Machine Gunner, Vince Speranza found himself surrounded in the small Belgian village of Bastogne for the entire battle equipped with his Browning M1919 Machine-Gun. He & his fellow countrymen set out to heroically defend the town as reinforcements arrived. 

Both leather straps that come with the Vince reference the legendary M1919 Machine Gun whether through its shape or, the stamping directly on the leather.

Featuring a double domed sapphire crystal - the hardest crystal in the industry - your watch is ready to go in tough conditions and come out without a scratch. 

We've offered a choice of a 3D bullet or a flat bullet caseback. The inspiration comes from the M1919 bullet. We offer a choice as some were worried that the 3D caseback would dig into the wrist. Rest assured, we've had only positive feedback about the 3D caseback ever-since we've delivered the first orders!

The watch comes in a limited edition wooden Humidor Cigar Box  - a subtle reference to Vince's favorite hobby. And as always, we're US assembled and shipped.


Caseback Style: 3D Bullet
Size: 38 MM

The A-11 Vince Speranza

Inspired by the workhorse of WW2

The A-11 Vince Speranza


"The Machine Gunner of Bastogne", Vince Speranza was part of the 101st Airborne Division and found himself caught up in the Battle fo the Bulge, one of the deadliest battles of WW2.

Equipped with and M1919 Machine gun, he went on to the fight until the end of the war.

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