Olive Green Perlon Strap

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During World War II, soldiers required a reliable wristwatch strap that could withstand the rigors of combat while providing comfort and functionality. Enter the Perlon Strap, originally designed to meet the demands of military personnel facing intense conditions on the frontlines.

Crafted from a synthetic material called Perlon, the strap was specifically engineered to offer exceptional strength, durability, and flexibility. Its unique weave structure provided soldiers with a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring their timepieces stayed in place during the most demanding missions.

The Perlon Strap's military origins can be traced to its ability to adapt to various environments. Its lightweight and breathable design allowed soldiers to wear their watches comfortably in extreme temperatures and high-stress situations. Whether enduring scorching heat or frigid cold, the Perlon Strap remained reliable and comfortable.

The strap's adjustable nature was also a significant advantage for military personnel. Its infinite adjustments allowed soldiers to find the perfect fit, ensuring their watches stayed securely attached to their wrists without hindering movement or compromising their grip on weapons and equipment.

Size: 20 MM

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