Top 5 Pieces of Gear of US Soldiers in WW2

Top 5 Pieces of Gear of US Soldiers in WW2

When it comes to combat gear, the US military troops who fought during World War II had a massive advantage over their enemies. The American military was powerful enough during that time and even until now. One of the reasons behind this is their abundant supply of advanced military equipment. 

Let’s travel back in time and explore the top 5 gear they carried on the battlefields of WW2.

Combat Pack

Being in the military is never easy. Soldiers must carry heavy gear in order to survive. One of the most beneficial combat gear that WWII fighters carried was a waterproof combat pack. It was designed to handle essentials, such as personal belongings, a few foods, socks, toiletries, and many more. The bag was roomy and could accommodate almost anything a soldier must have in battle. 


The basic WWII-generation helmet was composed of a shell made from stainless steel and a liner made of plastic. The former provided protection to the wearer against shrapnels, while the latter kept the helmet on the soldier’s head. 

Cargo Pack

Another important piece of equipment used by WW2 soldiers was a cargo pack. This gear was spacious enough to accommodate tent pins, a tent, and a blanket. However, some of the troops preferred to take a raincoat with them instead of a cargo pack, as they didn’t find it practical. 

First-aid Pouch

Today’s soldiers have an unlimited supply of items for hemorrhage control. However, WWII troops used just a small pouch to keep at least two battle dressings in case of injury.

Cartridge Belt

US soldiers in the Second World War carried a lot of ammunition to protect themselves from their enemies. They stored these on a cartridge belt for easy and convenient access. The standard WW2 cartridge belt featured roomy pockets that could hold around 8 ammunition clips. 

Beyond holding ammunition, the bottom part of the pockets featured tiny metal holes used to attach small pouches for additional storage space for basic war necessities, including first-aid supplies.

Combat gear is indispensable on the battlefield. Now, you already know the items that were a huge part of WW2 soldiers’ everyday mission. 

Another key piece of gear was the A-11 Watch as it allowed soldiers to keep track of time efficiently and therefore synchronize to the second their plans. At Peaesidus, we set out to re-create our own A-11 Watch; based off the feedback of Veteran Tom Rice. You can check it out here.

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