How The Modern Praesidus Is The Perfect EDC Watch

How The Modern Praesidus Is The Perfect EDC Watch


It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of EDC (EveryDay Carry) was a new topic of conversation in watchmaking circles. Now, however, it is a firmly established trend that is most certainly here to stay.


The EDC faithful spend a long time poring over their essential hardware. Creating a stylistically homogenous and highly functional array of tools and gadgets is crucial. However, so too is relying on each item’s specific utility to justify its inclusion. EDC is not about finding one tool to do it all. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The perfect EDC item is something that does a single job so well that its absolute dedication to its sole task results in it being seen almost as a celebration of the task itself.


The Praesidus A-11 offers pared-back functionality in spades. Packaged in a military-inspired case with a highly legible dial and handset, treated with top-grade luminous material, either the mechanical or quartz A-11s would find themselves at home in any EDC roll.


Perhaps the most obvious option is the quartz model. Simple, easy-to-use, able to be left untouched for months, even years on end, and still keep time within a matter of seconds, it is the perfect grab-and-go timepiece.


For those looking for a more luxurious and interactive feel, the automatic winding mechanical movements offered by Praesidus may be the choice for you.

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