Discover the Different US Combat Boots in WW2

M-1943 Combat Boots

WW2 US combat boots have been around for almost a century. They were worn by soldiers who sacrificed their lives fighting for peace, justice, and freedom. Just like civilian footwear, they went through several improvements throughout generations.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane by exploring the most popular US combat footwear in World War 2 and their signature features.

The Jungle Boot

This prominent military footwear was designed to work in specific settings. It first underwent tests in Panama before the Second World War. In 1942, it was officially used by the United States military troops. This combat boot featured a rubberized sole and several layers of polyvinylidene chloride that keep the mesh breathable and prevent insects, sand, and mud from entering. 

The US Army then developed two types of the Jungle Boot: the M-1942 and the M-1945. The former was a rubber and canvas variety, while the latter was a tropical combat edition. From WW2, these were later used by the US military in the Vietnam War from 1955 and 1975. 

M-42 and M-43 Service Shoes

The M-42 was the standard military boot issued to US troops during the first phase of WW2. It was an all-leather toe cap boot fitted with a two-piece stitched sole. Eventually, the rough-out boot replaced this style. It was by far the most distinguishable boot during the war. 

Following the invasion of Normandy, the US military began updating their gear. The rough-out ankle boot and the canvas gaiters were among the items they replaced. They added a double buckle leather gaiter onto the top of the rough-out boot to make it higher. 

It was in the winter of 1944/45 when the M-43 buckle boots were issued to all branches of service, encompassing the Infantry, Armored, and Paratroopers in the historic Battle of the Bulge. The footwear was also called “double buckle boots”.

Jump Boots

The design of military boots has been drastically modified as time went by. For instance, jump boots were recommended to be worn by the 101st Airborne Division and the 82nd Airborne Division. During World War II, America’s brave soldiers were used to wearing jump boots that were initially made of full leather. Beyond that, they were used by the US military troops during the Korean War and were named “M1943 Combat Boot”.

The WW2 US combat boot has gone through a massive evolution since its creation. Not only is it an iconic gear, but also a crucial piece of history. The same goes for vintage military watches and WW2 pilot watches that were a significant part of soldiers’ lives on the battlefield.

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