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Our Black Friday Events will all be exclusively accessible to those that have signed up before the offer goes online. This is mainly due to the fact that we want to better manage availability and create a fun & interactive user experience. To benefit from these offers, you’ll need to sign up on this landing page and leave us your email. We will explain all of our Black Friday Offers and send the different access links to these offers via email exclusively. If you are not signed up or, are already a member of the Praesidus community, you won’t be able to enjoy our awesome Black Friday events & discounts. So just sign up to the offer that you want first access to and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll do the rest to provide a fun shopping experience for the end of the year. Get ready for the holiday season & Christmas with us - you won’t regret it!

What deals to expect

We’ve curated a multitude of deals for Black Friday based off what the community has been asking for the most. We’ll be releasing the classic A-11 Tom Rice Bundle with an extra clicker & strap. The Clicker is from the same company as the one that made the 1944 clickers used by the 101st on D-Day. A real Christmas bundle for someone passionate about D-Day & WW2.The second Black Friday deal will be for those looking to start up a small collection of our watches. It’ll feature one A-11 Tom Rice and an additional A-2 Origin for the price of just the Tom Rice Automatic. Get two watches for the price of one and the opportunity to rotate styles while still keeping in the field watch category that Praesidus Watch Co excels at.Finally, we’ll be offering our brand new A-2 Origin at a discounted price for the Black Friday weekend as a potential end-of-year gift for those looking for an authentic, unique & quality gift at an affordable price.

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Black Friday launch event

For an unbelievable special offer & exclusive early access.

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