A-11 Marston Mat - Leather
A-11 Marston Mat - Leather
A-11 Marston Mat - Leather
A-11 Marston Mat - Leather

A-11 Marston Mat - Leather


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When we got access to our Marston Mat straight from the fields of Normandy in June 2021, we knew that we were onto something special. One year later, we've successfully managed to preserve this historical piece of D-Day by converting it into watch dials that fit the A-11 Spec designs from the same period. Protected by a stainless steel case & a double domed sapphire crystal, your piece of the historical metal has been given a new lease on life. Our A-11 Marston Mat is powered by a Swiss P024 Automatic Movement which guarantees precision and reliability for decades. And as usual for us, we will assemble the entire limited edition batch in the USA.

Case Size/ Diameter


Case Thickness Including Glass

12.5 mm

Case Material

Surgical Grade Stainless steel

Case Finish


Case Lug Width

20 mm

Strap Width

20 mm


Double Dome Sapphire

Water Resistance

10 ATM


Swiss Automatic P024

Thanks to our expertise & quality materials your watch will require very little day-to-day care. You can help preserve its lustre by washing the case and bracelet from time to time using soapy water and a soft brush. Before cleaning your watch, always ensure that the winding crown is properly pushed down to guarantee waterproofness.

A Watch Born on d-day

The A-11 Marston Mat

Our Marston Mat was used as part of a network for a temporary road on UTAH BEACH on June 6th 1944. However, as the Allies pushed out of Normandy, many of these mats were left behind having outlived their technical usefulness... We picked it up and transformed it in dials

The Dial

Each dial features a different wear & tear pattern that was made during the Marston Mat’s life as a temporary road on the UTAH beachhead throughout June 1944. These organic traces of the mat’s past life will make every A-11 Marston Mat completely unique.

A Critical Piece of D-Day
The Marston Mat was extensively used during World War II by Army engineers and Seabees ("CBs"; Construction Battalions) to build runways and other readily usable surfaces over all kinds of terrain. They actively contributed to the success of D-Day & the US Pacific Campaign.
Our Commitment to Quality